How It Works?

During the application process you will need the documents listed below. You will be given a the opportunity to choose your date and time. Should there be a conflict we will contact you to work out those details.

Once you have completed the application, and submitted you will be taken to a payment page where you will provide a deposit of $150. No marriage license application will be processed without a deposit. When the deposit is submitted you will receive an electronic copy of your service contract via email.

When the deposit is processed, you will additionally receive a Calendar Event outlining your date and time of ceremony. Please accept this meeting notice as it will be the primary point of communication.

Note: Google will adjust appointment times to reflect your current time zone. Paperwork and documents must be provided no later than 48 hour before the ceremony. No Marriage License Application will be processed without the copies of the following documents.

Legal Picture Identification

  • One of the following:
  • Current (Not Expired) Passport From Any Country
  • Current (not expired) Drivers License From Any US State
  • Other ID may be used upon approval
Legal Picture Identification

Birth Certificate

  • Photo-Copies or Cell-Phone Pictures are acceptable.
  • BC is required if either parent is unknown
  • BC is required if your name is not the same as your fathers, and you have never been married.
  • BC is required if you are a (Jr.,Sr., or II, III or other).
  • BC is required if you are in transition.
Birth Certificate

Court Certified Divorce Document

  • If previously married and divorced (you must provide Month-Day-Year) no exceptions.
  • If Divorced within the last 12 months, You must provide Court Documents that contain "Court Stamp" and Seal.

I have read and understand the requirements above.